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Your donations help…

Thanks to your generosity we were able to start our Atlantic Grey Seal project in October 2019 as planned, as we passed our Year One fundraising target; consequently surveys have been taking place and data is being gathered!

But that’s not the end, we have big ideas and big plans for the future (although our timeline of progression is currently being slightly scuppered by Covid-19, we are not letting that get us down and are continuing with our preparations!).

Although Grey seals appear to be abundant around Scilly, they are a globally rare species; there are more Red squirrels in the UK than there are Atlantic Grey Seals!

This is why we need your donation!

It’s so important that we understand any potential negative impacts on seals to fully protect them with future conservation work. We need to be in a position to know what we can do and what we can encourage others to do to ensure that this vital population remains healthy and happy and thrives in its natural environment.

The Isles of Scilly contains one of the largest concentrations of Grey seals in the West Country, contributing 41% of regional pupping. Any threats facing seals in Scilly could have fatal consequences for the whole seal population.

As Scilly’s champions of nature, the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust is keen to make sure that the health and success of our Atlantic grey seal populations are at the forefront of everyone’s minds.

A healthy and viable seal population also means a healthy and viable island economy.

If you make a donation today, your money will help us reach our Year Two goals!

* Year Two Survey Work from boats at well known seal haunts and haul outs, namely Annet/Rosevear and Rosevean to the west and Ganilly/Menawethan to the east. This, together with data captured in year 1, will help us to fill the gaps in our knowledge regarding this important species. It will also give us up to date baseline information that can be used by ourselves and other partners in the future.

* Getting a Seal Skeleton cleaned up and articulated (a bit like the dinosaur at the entrance to the Natural History Museum in London), so that it can be used for education work across the Islands, encouraging a greater understanding and appreciation of the Atlantic grey seal. The skeleton will be used to help explain the biology of seals and their wider conservation needs.

* Education resources including taking visiting schools and universities on survey trips to show them how positive interactions with seals should look and how they can get involved; and production of leaflets and/or apps to help reduce potential disturbance by visiting kayakers, yachts etc.

* Shaping future marine conservation work across the Islands using the data collected from this project. It will inform practical marine conservation activity as well as guide marine education work with residents and visitors to ensure a stable and viable population of seals into the future.

And an even bigger legacy for this project; as well as helping Scilly seals, this project could lead to better protection at other sites used by Atlantic grey seals which currently aren’t afforded the same amount of environmental protection as Scilly, meaning our project could have positive outcomes beyond our shores