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Your donations help

As a charity, the Trust relies on a mixture of grants, donations, membership and legacies to carry out its vital work.
General donations are hugely helpful to us as they are what is known in the Charity world as “unrestricted funding”. Much of the funding we receive is for a specific purpose or to help us achieve specific outcomes (therefore “restricted”), which is great but it also means that the normal, boring, everyday costs to keep our small Island charity running are not covered, or we can’t take advantage of exciting opportunities which may arise as they “don’t fit” the criteria.

General donations mean that we can do just that; ensuring the security and longevity of the Trust and that we can continue to do some of those little things that our community likes but we just can’t get funding for.

If you are a visitor to Scilly and considering making an annual donation of £60 or more, and would like to hear from us on a regular basis, why not consider becoming a Friend of Scilly Wildlife instead?

If you are resident in Scilly and are considering making a regular annual donation of £25 or more, then please consider becoming a Member of Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust